Mia Gauna

Red Wagon Properties

MLS License #623197

Mia currently works as the office coordinator receiving calls/walk ins, and handling lease applications/renewals.She is enthusiastically ready to help both owners and tenants regarding their property. She has lived in San Antonio for 15 years, and at a young age of 18 she received her Texas Real Estate License. By continuously immersing herself in real estate, she gained an understanding on how to process and strive for smooth transactions for all parties involved. Mia has worked on all sides of the transaction, and is considered a recourse by seasoned agents to coordinate and process their transactions. Mia is a reliable, hardworking, and ambitious individual who strives for nothing but perfection. She is also a Roadrunner who graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology. This continuous learner is always ready for what comes her way and enjoys taking on challenging tasks. Aside from Red Wagon Properties, you will find Mia submerging herself in new cultures, countries, and experiences. Mia's greatest joy is to find ways to relate and help each individual along her path. Along with Red Wagon Properties, it is her upmost goal to follow Gods path to share love, respect, prayers, and blessings to others.