We Treat Your Home Like It's Our Own

We Treat Your Home Like It's Our Own


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Find your next rental home in San Antonio. Narrow your search based on the number or bedrooms, price range or location desired.

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Interested in renting your home? Maximize your financial investment with full-service property management in San Antonio. We eliminate the stress, time commitment, and paperwork it takes to turn your home into rental income.

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Expand your portfolio with the right assets. Our investment specialists have the market insight to help you identify investment properties that attract tenants and create long-term value.

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A San Antonio Property Management Company That Protects Your Investment

Proactive Maintenance for San Antonio Property Management

Proactive Maintenance

Professional inspections help identify issues before they become big problems. You’ll receive a detailed inspection report every 6 months or anytime a tenant moves out.

Comprehensive Screening For San Antonio Home Rentals

Comprehensive Screening

We go beyond a background check to find the best tenants for your property. Our leasing agents personally interview all prospective tenants and screen them for you.

Responsive Service for San Antonio Property Management

Responsive Service

When you or your tenants need help, our local San Antonio team is ready to respond. We are here to help resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Investment Safeguards for San Antonio Property Management

Investment Safeguards

Our property management programs are designed to protect your property and add value for your tenants. Packages include automatically air filter delivery and Utility Concierge Service.

About Red Wagon Property Management

As a San Antonio property management company, Red Wagon prepares your property and finds tenants. We handle maintenance issues and legal matters. Owners have access to their portfolio information online through a portal in our system. Our houses have a low vacancy rate and spend little time on the market between tenants. We also offer competitive rates from our third-party vendors. We respond quickly to tenant requests and offer 24/7 maintenance requests.

Tenants are carefully screened for rental and credit history, employment verification and much more. We understand that tenant selection is key to the health and performance of rental properties. Our managers inspect each property every time a tenant moves out and at six-month intervals to keep up with the interior and exterior maintenance.

Find Tenants Fast

Red Wagon Property Management Fact:

Less than 1% of our San Antonio homes were vacant in 2021

Find & Keep Good Renters With:

  • Great Photos & Marketing
  • Tenant Screening
  • Respond & Resolve Tenant Issues Quickly
  • Competitive Rental Rates
  • Renewal Agreements

Transparent Pricing for San Antonio Property Management Services

Leasing Fee: 1/2 of the 1st Month's Rent
Monthly Management Fee: 10% of Rent

Our property management pricing is simple and straightforward. You won’t pay extra for photography, marketing, or tenant renewals. Plus – You only pay for management when your home is occupied.

Reliable Service for San Antonio Property Management

Reliable Service

Whether there is a tenant issue, an urgent repair or you want advice on property improvements - we are here to support you. Our San Antonio team is accessible and easy to reach.

Predictable Payments for San Antonio Property Management

Predictable Payments

E-statements and automatic transfers help you plan for your monthly payments with confidence. There’s no waiting by the mailbox–you’ll receive your money on time each month.

Property Management FAQs

We market your property extensively in order to bring tenant traffic to your property. As soon as you have signed the Texas Association of Realtors (TAR-2201) Residential Leasing and Property Management Agreement, your home will have a sign in the front yard and a lock box on the door. Your home will not only be listed at RedWagonProperties.com, but also on Realtor.com, MySA.com, Automated Housing Referral Network, Homes.mil (Homes.mil is the military relocation website), craigslist.com, hotpads.com, Yahoo.com and over 30 other affiliate internet sites. As real estate brokers, we can also offer something that many property management companies cannot – your home will also be listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Our licensed real estate agents act as your leasing agents – tenants don’t have to have their own agent to see your property.

Red Wagon handles maintenance requests efficiently and quickly to keep your tenants happy and help maintain your property’s equitable value. We keep maintenance costs low by hiring licensed and insured handymen to take care of smaller repairs when possible. When a repair calls for more specialized service, you will benefit from the relationships we have established with trustworthy, reliable, and reasonable companies. These companies specialize in HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and cleaning needs. We also have diverse relationships with vendors who provide roofing, foundation, and other major home repairs. If you have preferred vendors or a home warranty company, Red Wagon is happy to work with them directly. Most repair costs are handled by our company, then itemized and deducted on your monthly accounting statement.

Property inspections are a vital part of maintaining your home. They can reveal potential repair issues, hold your tenants accountable for the care of your home, and help our company become more familiar with your property. We use Scott’s Inspections to perform a professional inspection of the entire home (interior and exterior) and provide a detailed inspection report which will include pictures. Properties are inspected every six months, and any time an occupant moves out.
We take our tenant selection process very seriously. We are affiliated with a national screening company and screen our applicants for 6 different qualifications: rental history, credit history, credit score, employment verification, debt to income ratios, and the terrorist database search. Our leasing agents personally interview and screen each tenant in addition to these formal background checks. Renting a home to a poorly performing tenant creates more work and more expense for us and the homeowner. Tenant selection is critical to the overall health and performance of a rental property.

Our management fees are simple and straightforward. We collect a leasing fee out of the first month’s rent when establishing a new tenancy, unlike some other companies, we never charge any renewal fees. We principally do not profit off of turnover consequently, the leasing fee simply pays for the agent commissions. Additionally, we charge a monthly management fee on rent collected, so if your property is vacant, we don’t charge management fees until it is occupied. All of the advertising and marketing described above is paid for out of our management fees, so you know that your property will be filled quickly and there won’t be any unexpected expenses.

We also promise our owners that they will receive their monthly statements electronically no later than the 10th day of the month. This allows our owners to plan with confidence, knowing that their payments will arrive on time.

Many companies charge extra fees and hide certain costs up front. We do not mark up costs on services and maintenance, nor do we require you to provide money up front for maintenance costs. There is no renewal fee when your tenant decides to extend their lease. Any investment can bring surprises, but your management costs should never be one of them.
To streamline communication, Red Wagon delivers owner statements and payments electronically. This helps us keep your management costs low and allows you to access your information any time and from any place. We communicate effectively via phone, fax, email and standard mail.
Each property is evaluated against various factors in determining market rent. We do research on the property, comparing its size and features to other properties that have rented on the market in the recent months, as well as comparing the home against existing properties that are currently on the market. While we perform research and provide insight into the market rent, the decision of how much to market a property for ultimately rests in the hands of the homeowner.
Security Deposits are held by the management company in a Trust account as governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. For a basic understanding of the rules of the deposit, consider that the security deposit is not the tenant’s money, nor is it the owner’s money, nor is it the manager’s money. The funds sort of belong to the home. If the home is damaged, the money is there to fix it. If the home receives no damages the money goes back to the tenant. (This summary is not intended to be an exhaustive understanding of the Texas Property Code concerning deposits.)
We use the Texas Residential Lease as our governing document. This lease is quite comprehensive and falls squarely in line with the Texas Property Code. The lease is prepared and executed by Red Wagon Properties such that all of the terms across our leases are congruent.

Is San Antonio a Good Place to Own Rental Property?

San Antonio is the state’s oldest municipality, but its rapid growth makes it the third-largest metropolitan area in Texas and one of the most stable markets for rental properties in the United States. San Antonio is  a fast-growing city that is steeped in culture. Discover the Alamo to learn more about the city’s place in Texas history. Enjoy the River Walk, where you can listen to the local music, eat Texas cuisine and shop for souvenirs. Check out SeaWorld, the San Antonio Zoo, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. 

Why Do Texas Property Owners Choose Red Wagon?

Unlike other property management companies in San Antonio, we have an entire staff of licensed and experienced real estate professionals who are 100% dedicated to making sure your property operates smoothly and profitably. Don’t leave the fate of your property up to a company with one or two employees. With Red Wagon, you are in good hands.
Our number one priority is making sure that our property owners and tenants are thrilled about their experience with Red Wagon. We want to build a long-term relationship with our clients and we do this by implementing systems and processes to make sure you are nothing less than thrilled while working with us. It’s a true win-win.
Instead of you needing to run around tracking down rent payments each month, we handle it for you. We can even deposit the rent right into your bank account via Direct Deposit! No more hassles and stress.
No one likes to deal with maintenance or repairs, but sometimes it’s necessary. Lucky for you, we have long established relationships with trusted and licensed vendors and contractors in the San Antonio area.
Our top priority is making sure that our property owners and tenants are thrilled about their experience with Red Wagon. We want to build a long-term relationship with our clients. We’ll show you a better way.
If you have ever dealt with a bad tenant before, you know how important it is to do the homework upfront and only allow qualified tenants. We do background checks, criminal checks, employment verification, and more.
Keeping an eye on the condition of your rental property is critical. We schedule inspections to check on the interior and exterior so that we know what is happening with the condition and if anything needs maintenance. We’ll send you a detailed inspection report every six months, or any time a tenant moves out.
In the very rare case that a renter needs to be evicted for late payments or other issues, we have an experienced team that can move quickly and take care of the problem and guide you in the right direction.
Whether there is a tenant issue, an urgent repair or you want advice on property improvements – we are here to support you. Our San Antonio team is accessible and easy to reach.
Our management programs are designed to protect your property and add value for your tenants. Our Resident Benefit Package automatically delivers air filters to the home while our Utility Concierge Service ensures the water, electricity, and gas are always on.
Less than 1% of our homes were vacant in 2021. Even with our strict screening measures, we still succeed in maintaining high occupancy rates in the properties we manage due to our extensive marketing efforts and high number of renewal agreements.
Our leasing fee is only ½ of the first month’s rent, and a monthly management fee of 10% of the rent price. Our pricing is simple and straightforward. You won’t pay extra for photography, marketing, tenant renewals or mid-term inspections. Plus – You only pay management fees when your home is occupied.
Online statements and automatic transfers help you plan for your monthly payments with confidence. There’s no waiting by the mailbox – you’ll receive your money on time each month.

What is included with our San Antonio rental property services?

We are the landlord advocate and manage all aspects of the tenant relationship. Red Wagon will prepare your property, find and approve a tenant, execute paperwork and legal matters, handle maintenance issues, and communicate with the tenant throughout their lease. We offer a full range of San Antonio property management services tailored to you as an investor, homeowner, or landlord, and we have an extensive portfolio of single family homes, townhouses and condos in the San Antonio area.