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San Antonio Property Management Services

Why Choose Red Wagon Property Management?

Looking for a company that offers professional property management in San Antonio? Red Wagon tailors its services to investors, homeowners and landlords to give you the services you need to manage your property. Tenants won’t need an agent to look at the property because we are licensed real estate agents who act as your leasing agent.

If you’re a renter looking for a place to live in San Antonio, browse through our listings to find the right home or apartment. We’ll walk you through the process of finding a rental that fits your needs. Once you’re a tenant, we have online tools and resources to make your stay comfortable.


Trust Your Rental Property To The Experts In Property Management In San Antonio, TX

Look around and you will find dozens of property management companies in San Antonio, but none can bring the depth of experience, professionalism and local knowledge you will find at Red Wagon. Our success comes from our commitment to providing genuine service in every factor of our business. To achieve this, we make sure we have the right people in the right jobs to ensure we always will get the best results. Following this approach, we have been able to build up one of the most prosperous and well known property management services in San Antonio (TX), and it has been a wonderful journey helping literally thousands of satisfied clients to achieve their goals.

Raise Your Expectations About Rental Agencies In San Antonio, TX

Far too often prospective tenants and landlords can find themselves on opposing sides. That's not a healthy way to conduct business. Our real estate property management company's objective is to create a positive environment where the needs of all parties involved in a property transaction can feel satisfied that they are getting a fair deal and their rights are being respected. Many of the difficulties people face in a property rental situation are caused as a result of objectionable actions undertaken by others in the past. Selection criteria for tenants has become increasingly more strict as the years have gone by, and it's sometimes difficult not to take that personally.

But it's also understandable because so many landlords have had their lives ruined by tenants that appear to take delight in wrecking properties as much as possible. Equally, there have been a lot of occasions where landlords have been overbearing and unreasonable in the demands they make on their tenants. The title "Slum Lord" did not come into the American vocabulary by chance, but due to many landlords over many years providing the minimum standards they can for the maximum rents they can. Experience and common sense clearly demonstrate the error of agreements that are unfair to either the tenant or the landlord. If either party feels themselves to be a victim – and incredibly it can sometimes happen that both feel this way simultaneously – then it's likely that there will be some trouble along the way in one form or another. This is how Red Wagon has become a leader property management company in Texas. Landlords and tenants need each other. We strive to create good matches that are fair and balanced, helping to avoid the unpleasant scenarios that can otherwise eventuate. We work to a higher standard, so you can raise your expectations.

Better Results From A Genuine Realtor & Certified Property Management Agency

Red Wagon is a genuine San Antonio's property management company, properly licensed and authorized in and by the state of Texas. This is very important because there are sometimes people who act as agents but have no real legal authority from the state, which can then lead to a whole mess of problems if anything goes wrong for either of the parties during the lease period.

It is also true that as a Realtor you are legally allowed to do property management however not necessarily prepared to do property management. Red Wagon is certified in property management by the Texas Association of Realtors which is an additional set of classes and minimum standard qualifications that most Realtors do not have.

The easiest way to avoid any sort of trouble is to make sure you only deal with a home rental management company such as Red Wagon which is appropriately licensed and certified.

What Do Real Estate Property Management Companies Actually Do?

A natural question for many people is why they need a house rental management company. That's fair, and it's true that sometimes self-managed rentals can go the distance. Sadly, however, perfectly trouble-free tenancies are exceptional, and it's far more common for self-managed landlords and tenants to part on bitter terms than smiles and hugs as the keys are handed over for the last time. The usual source for that bitterness is the majority of landlords aren't aware of the intricacies of property law and common contract law, which can lead to complications whenever the rights or responsibilities of tenants are not being met.

As a landlord or a tenant, your best bet is to use a licensed agency to assist you with your landlord properties management across San Antonio. As specialists in real estate management in San Antonio area, we'll help keep you safe from those nightmare rental scenarios, but that's just one of the many ways we help our clients. Here are a few more things we do:

  • Help landlords find reliable tenants

  • Help tenants find rental properties in San Antonio to suit their needs and lifestyle

  • Ensure the obligations of rental contracts are enforced, so everyone gets a fair deal

  • Operate as an independent third party to help avoid and resolve disputes

  • Make it easy for tenants to pay their rent and for landlords to collect it

  • Arrange and manage scheduled property maintenance and other such tasks

  • Keep records about the rental property

  • Assist in the reduction of property taxes

  • Compile records for filing for income taxes

The bottom line is that having a rental property management agency in San Antonio to assist you with all the above tasks means life will be so much easier and smoother. You don't have the hassle of needing to be personally involved in the day to day management tasks and that gives you more freedom to get on with your life, leaving the work in our care. We have earned our reputation for quality in property management in San Antonio, and we're determined to keep providing the best quality service for our clients. You can depend on us for excellence in all your San Antonio's real estate management needs.

Why You Should Choose Red Wagon As Your Realtor In San Antonio, TX

If you are involved in any kind of deal where real property is being exchanged for money, you need the best representative working for you. Our team of dedicated professional realtors in San Antonio have the local knowledge, experience in real estate, and positive mindset to achieve astonishing results you will be truly happy with.

We are the team that will go the extra mile to provide the highest standards of service to our clients. Above all, we focus on getting the right outcome that works for you, not only in the short term, but looking ahead to the future. The best result requires moral fortitude and straight dealing. It's an attitude we Texans are famous around the world for.

The simple fact is that dealing straight, fair, and honest is always going to be the best way, because when business is done like that, it can never come back to make trouble. Another simple truth is that trouble and success don't go well together. So avoiding trouble can help improve the chance of success.

Red Wagon is primarily a realtor for property rental, and we have a special knack for matching landlords with reliable tenants. We're also really good at helping prospective tenants to find the right property to suit their needs, budget, and lifestyle. When you need expert realtor leasing agent assistance, Red Wagon is the team you can trust.

What Do Our Realtor Services In San Antonio Include?

When you use Red Wagon Properties, you will be getting a full service so that there is a minimal hassle for you.

Firstly, we can prepare your property so that it is ready for your tenants to move in. We can then find and approve a tenant for your property. As your realtor leasing agent, we use extensive marketing to ensure that potential tenants know about your property and the right one can be found for you. Your property is listed on many different websites to increase tenant traffic.

What’s more, when you choose Red Wagon Properties, you can look forward to our low vacancy rate and low time on the market, all of which means that you generate a better income.

Before tenants are selected, we are careful to screen them because we know how important it is that you get the best tenants for your property. They are checked for rental history, credit history, credit score, employment verification, debt to income ratios, and the terrorist database search. Once this has been completed, our agents personally interview the tenants to check that they are a suitable match.

We know that paperwork and legalities can be confusing, which is why Red Wagon Properties can take care of it for you.

Throughout your lease period, we liaise with your tenant and ensure that any issues are quickly resolved so that everyone is happy. With 24/7 maintenance request handling, ensuring your tenant remains satisfied is one of our top priorities and thanks to our large team, we can do this.

Our rental realtors in San Antonio are experts in their field, and with a fantastic knowledge of the local area, there is no one better to take care of your property.

How We're Different From Other Real Estate Agents In San Antonio, Texas

This is always a complex topic to discuss. We don't want to say anything against our competitors, and certainly there are plenty of talented and smart realtors in our great city. So let's focus on the positives that we bring to the table, because that's the best way to understand why we're definitely a good choice to assist you.

First, for a relatively small city, we've got a big team. That's important for a number of reasons. Being big means you can depend on us to be here well into the future. Smaller companies can be rocked hard by difficult times, such as the 2020 pandemic, whereas we have the resources to keep going strong in all but the most dire of circumstances. Meanwhile, bigger companies can also struggle simply due to the issues that having too many staff in too many departments can create. We feel our size is "comfortable" for what we do, and that's why we do it all so well. We are not corporate and we are not a franchise. We are independently owned and operated so each of our clients is personal to us.

Another very important point is that we've been in business for many years, with our San Antonio's property management company starting up in 2005. Many of our realtors were already licensed realtors before joining us, and really when it comes to dealing in property – whether it's for sales or rentals – you can't beat experience. It's actually an essential component. Not necessarily for an individual property agent, but for an agency as a whole. Because even a newly minted realtor can get the job done if he or she has the support of a talented and harmonious team with sufficient collective experience between them.

Local knowledge is also an essential factor, and our entire team of realtors for rental property has the benefit of living and working in San Antonio for many years. Some of us were even born and raised right here in San Antonio. That means when we're evaluating a property, we really know what to look for and the right advice to give.

Call Us When You Need A Realtor For Your Rental Property In San Antonio

As a realtor and leasing agent, we've helped thousands of tenants and landlords over the years to achieve their goals. You really can't go wrong by hiring one of the best realty companies in San Antonio (TX) to take care of your property interests. And if anyone ever asks if you know of a "Realtor to rent my house," you'll surely be doing them a big favor if you refer them to Red Wagon.

Need to find tenants? Call us. Got a question about rentals? Call us. Looking for that ideal Property in San Antonio to become your home? You've only got to pick up the phone. If you send us an email, we'll read it. Or maybe just come to see us in person. You can contact us any way you like, but do contact us, because our rental realtors in San Antonio will give you great service and the best results.

Choose Red Wagon Properties For Your Leasing Agent

If you have searched for a realtor to rent my house, then it is good to know that Red Wagon Properties is the answer that you have been looking for. We always aim to be transparent, and you won’t find any hidden costs to our management fees or services that we provide.

When it comes to realty companies in San Antonio, TX,, Red Wagon Properties offer you the best experience, and you can be confident that your San Antonio property management is in the best hands. Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you. Read Less

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    Get information, forms, resources, and contact information for renting here.

  • I'm an Owner.

    We offer a wide range of property management services to fit your needs.

  • I'm an Investor.

    Interested in investing in Real Estate? Check out our resources for purchasing rental properties.

  • I'm a Realtor.

    Connect with us and we will work closely with you to manage and support your tenants.

About Red Wagon Property Management

As San Antonio property managers, Red Wagon prepares your property and finds tenants. We handle maintenance issues and legal matters. Owners have access to their portfolio information online through a portal in our system. Our houses have a low vacancy rate and spend little time on the market between tenants. We also offer competitive rates from our third-party vendors. We respond quickly to tenant requests and offer 24/7 maintenance requests. Tenants are carefully screened for rental and credit history, employment verification and much more. We understand that tenant selection is key to the health and performance of rental properties. Our managers inspect each property every time a tenant moves out and at six-month intervals to keep up with the interior and exterior maintenance.

Our Services

Why Renters Choose to Live in San Antonio

San Antonio is a city with modern attractions but rich in history. It’s a fast-growing city that is steeped in culture. Discover the Alamo to learn more about the city’s place in Texas history. Enjoy the River Walk, where you can listen to the local music, eat Texas cuisine and shop for souvenirs. Check out SeaWorld, the San Antonio Zoo and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. San Antonio is the state’s oldest municipality, but its rapid growth makes it the third-largest metropolitan in Texas.

Find Rentals

Get Your Property Listed Today

Red Wagon not only offers San Antonio property management services. We are real estate brokers that can list your home in multiple listings, including the MLS, (a military relocation website), and our own website. We want to bring tenant traffic to your property to get it off the market to make you money. We offer transparency, marketing tools and industry-specific local information. Contact us today for more information about property management in San Antonio.

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Professional Results For Your Rental Needs

Why Do Property Owners Choose Red Wagon?

  • Not a One-Man-Show

    Unlike the brand new property management companies in San Antonio, we have an entire staff of licensed and experienced real estate professionals who are 100% dedicated to making sure your property operates smoothly and profitably. Don't leave the fate of your property up to a company with 1 or 2 employees. With Red Wagon, you are in good hands.

  • Over 200 5 Star Reviews

    Our #1 priority is making sure that our property owners and tenants are thrilled about their experience with Red Wagon. We want to build a long-term relationship with our clients, and we do this by implementing systems and processes to make sure you are nothing less than thrilled while working with us. It's a true win-win.

  • Rent Collection

    Instead of you needing to run around tracking down rent payments each month, we handle it for you. We can even deposit the rent right into your bank account via Direct Deposit! No more hassles and stress.

  • Maintenance

    No one likes to deal with maintenance or repairs, but sometimes it's necessary. Lucky for you, we have long established relationships with trusted and licensed vendors and contractors in the San Antonio area.

  • Rental Marketing

    Our #1 priority is making sure that our property owners and tenants are thrilled about their experience with Red Wagon. We want to build a long-term relationship with our clients. We'll show you a better way.

  • Tenant Screening

    If you have ever dealt with a bad tenant before, you know how important is it to do the homework upfront and only allow qualified tenants. We do background checks, criminal checks, employment verification and more.

  • Inspections

    Keeping an eye on the condition of your rental property is critical. We can schedule inspections to check on the interior and exterior so that we know what is happening with the condition and if anything needs maintenance.

  • Legal/Evictions

    In the very rare case that a renter needs to be evicted for late payments or other issues, we have an experienced team that can move quickly and take care of the problem and guide you in the right direction.


  • For the past two plus years, Red Wagon Realty has demonstrated their high degree of professionalism time and time again. Their attention to detail and timely response to problems or inquiries have been instrumental in demonstrating their capabilities as the right choice for a property management team responsible for my San Antonio real estate investments.

    Rick Jones
    California To Kristopher Hochart
  • We’ve been really pleased with red wagon properties.... when things come up, they are quick to respond and take the action necessary to resolve the issue.

    To Kristopher Hochart
  • The staff at Red Wagon Properties are very professional and work hard to resolve any problems I may encounter with the rental.

    To Kristopher Hochart
  • Thank you so much for your services thus far. I'm really glad to have hired you to take care of my home in San Antonio. I've owned rental property for over 14 years now and this is the first time I've utilized a property mgmt company. I appreciate all you do for me, thanks again for the piece of mind you bring to me with every month that passes. Keep up the great work and Happy New Year!

    Texas To Kristopher Hochart
  • I have run checks on them through several of our agents who have used them (and SABOR as well) and they appear to be the 'very best' in what they do.

    To Kristopher Hochart
  • Yall are easy to work w.. communication is great and scheduling is awesome

    To Kristopher Hochart
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