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Top 10 Realtors in San Antonio, TX

Kristopher Hochart

Broker, REALTOR®


As a broker, Red Wagon founder Kris Hochart has worked in every aspect of the business. In 2008 he realized that he would never be successful if he tried to do everything. This realization allowed him to find Red Wagon’s focus – property management. We love it. We are the best at it. And we are investing in technology and resources that will allow us to continue to be the best, most efficient property management company in Texas.

The most successful San Antonio real estate agents in the industry all have one thing in common – FOCUS. One realtor may sell a handful of higher-priced homes while another may sell a lot of lower-priced homes. Their businesses may focus on referrals, REOs or investments. It’s rare to see a successful agent who sells REOs and 2 million dollar homes at the same time. Agents who are serious about success understand that they must FOCUS on their strongest area and build their business around that strength.

Find Tenants Fast

Less than 1% of our homes were vacant in 2021.

Bobbye Morris

Bobbye McMillan

Acquisitions Manager, REALTOR®

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Emily Fick

Operations Manager

Sadie Mae Hudler

Sadie Mae Hudler

Repairs Coordinator / REALTOR®

Tabitha Rodridquez San Antonio Property Management

Tabitha Rodridquez

Executive Administrative Assistant

Michelle Pourasef Red Wagon Properties

Michelle Pourasef

Marketing Specialist, REALTOR®

Bobbye McMillan

Acquisitions Manager, REALTOR®


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Emily Fick

Operations Manager


Courtney Knowles



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Angela Reese



Sadie Mae Hudler

Repairs Coordinator / REALTOR®


Tabitha Rodridquez



Michelle Pourasef

Marketing Specialist, REALTOR®


The Agents’ Dilemma

We love property management, but most agents find it frustrating and distracting. Unfortunately, they also find it necessary – a realtor who doesn’t offer property management services will lose business, either to another agent who will or to a property management company who doesn’t respect the agent/owner relationship. Because of these risks, many realtors are forced to manage their clients’ properties but find that they are not equipped to handle the round-the-clock demands of property management.

Familiar problem? LET US SOLVE IT. You list your property for sale. We’ll list it for rent. If the property rents, we’ll manage it for you. We’ll give your client the best care and customer service, keeping them happy and satisfied. At the end of every lease, we will hand your client back – no strings attached.

Our Commitment

We commit to consistent and quality care for YOUR clients. Instead of “passed off,” we’ll make your clients feel taken care of until you can sell their property. We have systems in place to ensure that responsibility changes hands smoothly during this process. In addition, we are continuously investing in technology and resources to allow us to provide even better and timelier service.We will never steal your clients.

We focus on property management so you can focus on real estate sales.

Let us help you retain your focus.

Call us TODAY.

How To Choose The Best Realtor In San Antonio?

Your realtor must have a track record of trust. Your property MUST be taken care of like any hands-on owner would. Issues MUST be dealt with swiftly. They must have local expertise, willing to help, have a full service team and highly effective real estate agents familiar with the local market.

At Red Wagon Properties, we are here to offer you complete reassurance that we are the rental property realtor that you’re looking for. With our professional help and local expertise, we make an incredibly powerful team, making us some of the best real estate agents in San Antonio, Texas.

Why You Should Choose Red Wagon As Your Realtor In San Antonio, TX

If you are involved in any kind of deal where real property is being exchanged for money, you need the best representative working for you. Our team of dedicated professional realtors in San Antonio have the local knowledge, experience in real estate, and positive mindset to achieve astonishing results you will be truly happy with.

We are the team that will go the extra mile to provide the highest standards of service to our clients. Above all, we focus on getting the right outcome that works for you, not only in the short term, but looking ahead to the future. The best result requires moral fortitude and straight dealing. It’s an attitude we Texans are famous around the world for.

The simple fact is that dealing straight, fair, and honestly is always going to be the best way, because when business is done like that, it can never come back to make trouble. Another simple truth is that trouble and success don’t go well together. So avoiding trouble can help improve the chance of success.

Red Wagon is primarily a realtor for property rental, and we have a special knack for matching landlords with reliable tenants. We’re also really good at helping prospective tenants to find the right property to suit their needs, budget, and lifestyle. When you need expert realtor leasing agent assistance, Red Wagon is the team you can trust.

What Do Real Estate Services In San Antonio Include?

When you use Red Wagon Properties, you will be getting a full service so that there is a minimal hassle for you.

Firstly, we can prepare your property so that it is ready for your tenants to move in. We can then find and approve a tenant for your property. As your realtor leasing agent, we use extensive marketing to ensure that potential tenants know about your property and the right one can be found for you. Your property is listed on many different websites to increase tenant traffic.

What’s more, when you choose Red Wagon Properties, you can look forward to our low vacancy rate and low time on the market, all of which means that you generate a better income.

Before tenants are selected, we are careful to screen them because we know how important it is that you get the best tenants for your property. They are checked for rental history, credit history, credit score, employment verification, debt-to-income ratios, and the terrorist database search. Once this has been completed, our agents personally interview the tenants to check that they are a suitable match.

We know that paperwork and legalities can be confusing, which is why Red Wagon Properties can take care of it for you.

Throughout your lease period, we liaise with your tenant and ensure that any issues are quickly resolved so that everyone is happy. With 24/7 maintenance request handling, ensuring your tenant remains satisfied is one of our top priorities and thanks to our large team, we can do this.

Our top rental realtors in San Antonio are experts in their field, and with a fantastic knowledge of the local area, there is no one better to take care of your property.

How We're Different From Other Real Estate Agents In San Antonio, Texas

This is always a complex topic to discuss. We don’t want to say anything against our competitors, and certainly there are plenty of talented and smart realtors in our great city. So let’s focus on the positives that we bring to the table, because that’s the best way to understand why we’re definitely a good choice to assist you.

First, for a relatively small city, we’ve got a big team. That’s important for a number of reasons. Being big means you can depend on us to be here well into the future. Smaller companies can be rocked hard by difficult times, such as the 2020 pandemic, whereas we have the resources to keep going strong in all but the most dire of circumstances. Meanwhile, bigger companies can also struggle simply due to the issues that having too many staff in too many departments can create. We feel our size is “comfortable” for what we do, and that’s why we do it all so well. We are not corporate and we are not a franchise. We are independently owned and operated so each of our clients is personal to us.

Another very important point is that we’ve been in business for many years, starting up in 2005. Many of our realtors were already licensed agents before joining us, and really when it comes to dealing in property – whether it’s for sales or rentals – you can’t beat experience. It’s actually an essential component. Not necessarily for an individual property agent, but for an agency as a whole. Because even a newly minted realtor can get the job done if he or she has the support of a talented and harmonious team with sufficient collective experience between them.

Local knowledge is also an essential factor, and our entire team of San Antonio realtors has the benefit of living and working in San Antonio for many years. Some of us were even born and raised right here in San Antonio. That means when we’re evaluating a property, we really know what to look for and the right advice to give.

Call Us When You Need A Realtor For Your Rental Property In San Antonio

As a realtor and leasing agent, we’ve helped thousands of tenants and landlords over the years to achieve their goals. You really can’t go wrong by hiring one of the best realty companies in San Antonio (TX) to take care of your property interests. 

Need to find tenants? Call us. Got a question about rentals? Call us. Looking for that ideal Property in San Antonio to become your home? You’ve only got to pick up the phone. If you send us an email, we’ll read it. Or maybe just come to see us in person. You can contact us any way you like!

Choose Red Wagon Properties As Your Leasing Agent

If you have searched for a realtor to rent my house, then it is good to know that Red Wagon Properties is the answer that you have been looking for. We always aim to be transparent, and you won’t find any hidden costs to our management fees or services that we provide.

When it comes to realty companies in San Antonio, TX, Red Wagon Properties offer you the best experience, and you can be confident that your San Antonio property management is in the best hands. Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you.

Required Forms For Agents

All agents requesting to be paid a commission must submit a Broker’s W9 along with an invoice with the subject property address, MLS number, the client’s information and the commission amount. Please e-mail these to msmith@redwagonproperties.com.