9 Reasons to Love Stone Oak, Texas

Every once in a while, you hear about a community that’s just so “right” that you want to know more about it, and maybe even consider moving there. Such a community is Stone Oak, Texas.

Every once in a while, you hear about a community that’s just so “right” that you want to know more about it, and maybe even consider moving there. Such a community is Stone Oak, Texas.

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Stone Oak is a suburb of San Antonio, which is large enough (the seventh most populous metro area in the U.S.) and old enough (founded in 1718) to offer a wide range of opportunities and resources. Yet the metro area is also small enough to be friendly, and up to date enough to offer a thriving social and cultural life as well as a booming economy.

Once a collection of private ranches, the community of Stone Oak was originally conceived in the 1980s, then planned and built beginning in 1985. Under an imaginative master plan which includes free-standing businesses, shopping centers, private homes, and apartment complexes, community growth exploded in the 1990s.

Today, Stone Oak combines the best of San Antonio with the best of upscale suburban living in ways that’ll make you wish you were there. Here’s a list of some of Stone Oak’s most favorable features:

Surprising Affordability

In Stone Oak, the average home costs about $350,000, but very nice houses can be purchased for much less. Most private homes have three or four bedrooms, although prospective residents can also find larger homes with five bedrooms or more and two bedroom smaller homes.

What’s more, a large number of Stone Oak rental homes and apartments are available at attractive prices.

This means it’s easy to move into Stone Oak for very little money and then later upgrade to your personal dream home. And when you make this move, you won’t have to give up all the advantages of living in this vibrant, upscale environment to which you’ve happily become accustomed.

It’s no wonder that Stone Oak is among the fastest growing communities in the San Antonio area.

Any Local Celebrities in Stone Oak, Texas?

If your taste runs to “star spotting, you won’t be surprised to learn that famous faces, including members of the San Antonio Spurs, can often be seen in the same Stone Oak parks, stores, and hot spots that you will be frequenting.

Celebrities like Tony Parker and Hollywood icon Eva Longoria are among those who have called Stone Oak their home.

Pleasant Climate

When you move to Stone Oak, you can leave behind your snow shovel. Stone Oak boasts a mild, forgiving climate. Temperatures range from an average of 95 in summer to an average of 39 in winter. The overall average temperature throughout the year is about 68, with approximately 10 inches of rainfall annually.

The hottest month is usually August, and the wettest month is usually June. Although the windiest month is May, the average wind speed at that time of year is only about eight miles per hour: a gentle, pleasant breeze.

Vibrant Community

Most of the homes in Stone Oak were built within the last thirty years, and more than two thirds of them are owner-occupied. Within Stone Oak, each residential community is managed by its own homeowners association, which oversees maintenance, conservation, and beautification of the community’s extensive common areas. As a result, Stone Oak is a visually inviting area with lush public green spaces to accent its countless well-maintained private lawns and gardens.

These resident-friendly homeowner organizations work hard to organize many public events that benefit Stone Oak residents, and also assure that community lifestyle standards are continuously upheld.

Other local organizations, including the high school orchestra, the Neighborhood Representative Committee, and the Animal Defense League, are highly rated and widely respected.

It’s no wonder the Stone Oak community has won area recognition for coordinating and planning such important activities as water conservation, landscape redesign, community aesthetics, and community outreach projects that assist in conservation and education, including donation and dumping events, shredding events, rain barrel workshops, and Arbor Day events.

Convenient Access to Shopping and Services

The Stone Oak community is conveniently located about ten miles north of downtown San Antonio, allowing many of its residents to commute to the hundreds of large corporations and myriad small firms that operate in and around that regional business center.

Stone Oak Park offers interactive fitness equipment that allows for free, outdoor workouts on your own schedule. There are also hiking and biking trails, and publicly accessible works of art.

Shopping malls anchored by popular brand stores offer a satisfying array of products and services, such as coffee shops, beauty salons, clothing and furnishings, home goods, pet supplies, restaurants, and friendly community-oriented bars.

Stone Oak is also home to the Canyon Springs Golf Club and the Club at Sonterra, where membership is open to all Stone Oak residents. These facilities offer championship golf courses, supported by venues and services for weddings, corporate events, and personal milestones. You can also enjoy fine dining, golf instruction and clinics, tennis, clubs within the club, the Sonterra Women’s Association, a fitness center with group classes, massage therapy, a pool, a swim team, and a kids club.

Free Concerts and Films in The Park

As if life in Stone Oak weren’t already great enough, the community routinely hosts free concerts and free movie showings outdoors in the park. You can always check the community calendar for details.

In addition, the surrounding Bexar County organizes and hosts a variety of exciting events throughout the year, including golf, tennis, pool, fitness, social groups, and children’s activities.

Great Schools

For families with children, or who are planning on having children, the good news is that residents of Stone Oak can send their children to one of two great school systems (depending on exactly where you live): the Northeast School District serves most of the community, while the Comal Independent School District serves the rest.

Elementary Schools include: Wilderness Oak Elementary, Stone Oak Elementary, Hardy Oak Elementary, Canyon Ridge Elementary, and Tuscany Heights Elementary.

Middle Schools include: José M. Lopez Middle School, Barbara Bush Middle School, and Frank Tejeda Middle School.

High Schools include: Lady Bird Johnson High School and Ronald Reagan High School.

Proximity to San Antonio Destinations

When you live in Stone Oak, you’ll find it easy to get to many other destinations. The community is very close to major roads like I-281, Charles William Anderson Loop, and Farm to Market Road 2696.

In addition, Stone Oak is only 20 minutes away from San Antonio International Airport, which offers flights to such diverse destinations as Los Angeles, Mexico City, Cancun, Honolulu, London, and Rome.

The community is also served by VIA Bus route 648. This makes it easy to travel without a car to such key destinations as Arion Business Park and North Central Baptist Hospital.

Enviable Safety and Security

Stone Oak is highly rated as a private and very safe place to live, with less than one-tenth the crime rate of San Antonio as a whole. Neighborhoods are set up as a variety of gated communities, each with its own 24-hour security service. Residents are kept up to date on all the latest security and safety issues within the community, and can obtain free advice on implementing appropriate home security measures. Enforcement of the area’s quite reasonable zoning, platting, building codes, and permits is very strict.

There are also two San Antonio Police Department officers from the “San Antonio Fear Free Environment” (SAFFE) unit working with the Stone Oak area. These officers are tasked with obtaining the close cooperation and participation of community residents to help them focus on identifying, evaluating and resolving community crime problems. Their overall goal is to prevent crimes before they happen. SAFFE officers also work with schools and youth programs, coordinate graffiti-removal activities, and funnel security-related resources to Stone Oak residents.

These are just a few of the features that make Stone Oak an exciting and attractive place to live. If you’re looking for a great place to raise a family, operate a business, strengthen your career, or just plain enjoy the good life, it’s hard to find any community more desirable and amenable than Stone Oak!

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