What Are The Benefits of Apartment Living?

Deciding where you’re going to eat, sleep, and breathe every day and night of your life can be overwhelming. In your list of options, apartment buildings may be a contender. When it comes to apartment living, there are many benefits. Today we will be looking at seven of the top benefits of apartment living.

Deciding where you’re going to eat, sleep, and breathe every day and night of your life can be overwhelming. In your list of options, apartment buildings may be a contender. When it comes to apartment living, there are many benefits. Today we will be looking at seven of the top benefits of apartment living.

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Property Management

One of the biggest benefits to apartment living is property management.  A property manager or property management team will help a landlord oversee all of the basic business operations of an apartment complex. 

This will include troubleshooting of problems, overseeing of daily maintenance, drawing up leases, and taking care of arrangements for lawn care and landscaping. You don’t have to worry about the curb appeal of your home, someone else does this for you! You are free to simply enjoy it. 

Having someone to manage all of these affairs frees the tenant up from some of the major worries and responsibilities homeowners have. Many people choosing to live in an apartment don’t necessarily have extra time for these maintenance duties, so having someone else to take care of these things is a major pro. 

A tenant doesn’t have to worry when there is a plumbing issue or the air conditioner goes out. The landlord and/or property manager will not only handle finding someone to make the repairs, but they’ll pay for them too.


Apartments are generally significantly smaller than a house, which means less money is required for utilities. Because apartments are built compactly, they tend to cost less to heat during the winter, cool during the summer,  and newer constructions often are built very energy efficient.

Additionally, the smaller size of an apartment makes it more affordable to furnish and decorate. If you’ve had your eye on a particular coffee table for your living room, you may be able to afford it more easily in an apartment than a home, as your rent may be more affordable than a mortgage. You also may not need to purchase as much additional furniture due to your smaller living space, which may allow for a few splurges in decor. 

Rent for an apartment often is less than a mortgage would be, as well as less than the cost of renting a house — especially if you are renting on your own or with just one other person. 

Also, maintenance expenses are generally lower due to responsibility generally falling to the landlord. So instead of dipping into your savings to fix a broken appliance, you can keep saving up for a vacation! 

A side bonus of apartment affordability is that you may be able to live in a higher socioeconomic area than you could afford if buying or renting a home.


Apartments have varying degrees of amenities, and those amenities can save you money. Some apartments include gym access (save those gym membership fees for something else), areas with BBQ grills, playgrounds, spa, saunas, swimming pools, jogging/bike paths, and media rooms. Pet-friendly apartments may include a dog park. 

Inside your apartment, you may have amenities such as your own washer and dryer, dishwasher, high-end appliances and countertops, a fireplace, a patio or balcony, etc. Some apartments even include smart controls for heating/cooling.


Because apartment complexes usually have a number of entry modes, it is more difficult for thieves to gain access. This is especially true for tenants living in higher level apartments.

Apartments may include a main gate, a main building door, access to an elevator, and then your apartment. Often, apartments have a buzzer to allow people in.

Some apartments have secure underground parking, which gives some tenants peace of mind. 

And the best apartment communities include 24/7 video surveillance coverage. On top of that, neighbors are nearby to keep an eye on anything out of the ordinary.

Accessibility/Prime Location

Apartments are often built in close proximity to a variety of anything you might need. Shopping centers are usually close, as are schools and often public transportation. 

In fact, apartment developers study the best locations based on how close they are to grocery stores, churches, parks, public transportation, and schools. 

When apartments are built without these prime locations nearby, it is rare that the shopping centers, etc. do not pop up in the vicinity soon after.


Living in close proximity to others frequently lends itself to connections built among one another. Community is achieved in home ownership circles as well, but the close proximity of apartment life increases the odds of creating these communal connections. 

Unlike living in a house, you aren’t separated by yards or fences, so it can be easier to develop relationships in apartment communities. For families with children, friendships can be formed quickly, and if play dates are set up, travel is likely just down the hall. And when you need something, you have neighbors nearby to help you.

To help build community, many apartments have outdoor gathering areas and coordinate events throughout the year. If your apartment has a social network page, consider joining, as this often helps neighbors feel more connected to one another.

Short term

Apartments make great short term options. Buying a home may be your lifelong dream, but as you plan and save, living in an apartment can help you save money to achieve that dream.

If buying a home isn’t your lifelong dream, but you work in a career area that requires you to move around a lot, apartment living is a great option that allows for a short term commitment while also saving you money. 

Living in an apartment carries with it no long term commitment. Typically, leases are six or twelve months. You don’t have to feel locked down when you sign an apartment lease.

In Conclusion

If lowering your bills, building community, having access to amenities, or having a property manager to oversee routine maintenance of your living space sounds like something you’d enjoy, apartment living may be a good fit for you.

There is also a great financial advantage to renting. Overall, anyone wanting a place to call home might find apartments to be their perfect fit. Click here to browse properties for rent in the San Antonio area!

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