Property Management Companies in Texas

Let us manage your properties in Texas.

We are the landlord advocate and manage all aspects of the tenant relationship. Red Wagon will prepare your property, find and approve a tenant, execute paperwork and legal matters, handle maintenance issues, and communicate with the tenant throughout their lease. We offer property management in Texas tailored to you as an investor, homeowner, or landlord, and we have an extensive portfolio of single family homes, townhouses and condos in Texas.

Trust Your Home To One Of The Strongest Property Management Companies In Texas

Red Wagon is a property management company in San Antonio started in 2005 and still going strong today. We are a fully licensed realty company, able to assist you with any kind of real estate deals anywhere in the state.

Property management across Texas is what we're most well known for, and that's because we've provided thousands of landlords and tenants with superior service and top quality results for over 15 years. Not only in our home town of San Antonio, either. Our territory expands as far North as Boerne to the west and and New Braunfels to the east.

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Best Choice To Manage Your Property In TX

Our company has been very successful because we put people first. In everything we do, we are service minded and always aiming to provide the best quality and value.

With a strong team of dedicated realtors in San Antonio amassing years upon years of local experience between them, there is no real estate challenge we're not ready to tackle.

Why There's A Need For Property Management Agencies In Texas

Being a landlord is a much more complex and time-consuming task than many people realize. Even so, many people believe they'll be able to handle all the various jobs involved, often while trying to balance this against an actual "day job" and possibly raising a family as well. Sometimes they even manage to make that work.

But there's a massive difference between coping and being successful. The only reliable way to measure the difference between the two is whether you feel happier and less stressed. In the majority of successful self-managed landlord cases, it's quite likely these people are coping with the stress and getting only minimal benefit from the extra income they're receiving. That happens because the effort disrupts their lifestyle too much.

Licensed property managers in Texas smooth the way for you. They take all the hard work off your hands, and they manage your property as expert professionals in property management. At least that's what you can expect from Red Wagon when you choose us for your Texas property management.

With a Texas' property management company working for you, there's no longer a need to stress over whether you've lodged the proper legal documents with the appropriate authorities because we take care of it all for you.

You don't need to worry about whether you're complying with all the relevant laws because we make sure that you are.

And you don't need to be concerned about whether your tenants are going to pay their rent or treat your property well, because we're firstly making sure you have good tenants and we're also keeping a close watch to ensure they're fulfilling their obligations.

The simplest way to explain it is that without a reliable Texas' property manager, you have 100 percent of the responsibility on you. Yes, property management agencies charge a modest fee for their service, but when you consider all the benefits, it's well worth it.

We take all the responsibility from your shoulders. We do all the work. You get your time back, so you can live your own life the way you want. Plus, you get the rental income you need to help support and improve your lifestyle.

Red Wagon can help you achieve your goals. To get started, call or email us for a confidential discussion of the many ways we can help you with your property management in Texas.

Need a Company To Manage Your Texas' Property? Look No Further Than Red Wagon Properties

Red Wagon Properties provide a range of property management services in Texas that are designed to fit around your needs. By working with one of the best property management companies in Texas, you can look forward to knowing that your property is being cared for whether you are a homeowner, landlord, or investor.

When you choose us for your Texas property management, we treat your property as if we owned it, and with our extensive marketing, we are sure to get the right tenant for you.

We Take Care of Everything Related to Managing Your Property in Texas So That You Do Not Have To

If you are looking for a company to manage your property in Texas, you want one that can provide you with a comprehensive service, and that is just what we do here at Red Wagon Properties.

Along with marketing your property, we can also make sure that it is properly maintained. This is an important aspect of property management because you understandably want to keep your tenants happy so that they, in turn, look after your property too.

As we take care of the maintenance, there is nothing for you to worry about. Should there be an issue with your property, your tenants can log a repair request on their tenant portal, and we will quickly see to the problem. We always aim to keep repair costs as low as possible, and these costs are then itemized and deducted from your monthly accounting statement.

Along with tenants being able to report any issues, we also regularly inspect your property. For your peace of mind, you will be given a detailed inspection report that includes both the exterior and interior of your property, along with photographs so that you can see that your property is in the best hands. Should we notice any potential repair issues, we will also make sure that these are dealt with so that they do not become worse.

We are also the ideal company for property management in Texas because we make sure that we find the best tenants. One way we do this is through tenant screening. Tenants are screened in six areas to make sure that they are a good fit for your property. This includes their rental history, credit history, credit score, employment verification, debt to income ratios, and the terrorist database search. By being thorough, there is less chance that anything will go wrong.

Choose a Well-Organized Company For Your Property

If you are looking for property management agencies in Texas, look no further than Red Wagon Properties to ensure that your property is given the best care.

We aim to be transparent in everything we do, and this includes our management fees. We like to be different from the competition, and you will not have to pay renewal fees when you come to us. Additionally, should your property be empty, we will not charge you fees until tenants are living there once more.

To find out more about how we can manage your property in Texas, contact us today.

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Benefits of using Red Wagon Properties To Manage Your Property In Texas

  • No hassle management - we endeavor to alleviate the stress that comes with managing property. We will effectively oversee all your needs so that you can channel your energies elsewhere and yet, still reap the benefits from your landholdings.
  • Automated owner statements - we want to make communication as slick, secure and simple as possible which is why we handle all statements electronically.
  • Online Owner Portal Access - you’ll have your own account where you can view all necessary information regarding your partnership with us, any time from any place.
  • Industry-leading marketing tools - we will have you listed on a plethora of reputable websites as well as in the Multiple Listing Service.
  • 24/7 maintenance request handling - our team is always ready to go and handle any issue that occurs in a low cost and timely manner.
  • Prompt Response to Tenant Requests - we are always connected, and our lines of communication always open to all tenants no matter how big or small the problem.
  • Low vacancy rate - you’ll have a full house with us, our listing is comprehensive, all-encompassing and attractive to potential tenants.
  • Low time on market - prospective tenants will be snapping up your property and wanting to sign with us due to our extensive knowledge of how this industry works.
  • Industry-specific local knowledge - area focused expertise allows us to thrive.
  • Competitive rates from third-party vendors - working with people is what we do, and we always aim to be straightforward and work hard to chase the best rates for you.
  • Partnerships with World initiatives- we are a trusted business that cares about the world we live in and our goal is to always demonstrate our dedication to our partners.

All in all, there are innumerable benefits to our service, and we are always striving to facilitate your property journey. Put your trust in us because we are passionate property management specialists in San Antonio who will represent you in the most professional way. We will do everything in our power to ensure that everything behind the scenes is taken care of so, not only will your property be center stage but also, you’ll be able to enjoy being a landlord without some of the stresses landlords often encounter.

What Our Clients are Saying About Our Property Management in Texas

Areas Where We Manage Properties Throughout Texas

We serve the geographic areas in San Antonio North of HWY 90, South of Boerne and New Braunfels. East and West from the Randolph AFB to the SeaWorld/Alamo Ranch area. We include all of: Alamo Heights, Castle Hills, Schertz, Cibolo, Stone Oak, Boerne, Leon Valley, Leon Springs, Grey Forest, Hill Country Village, Hollywood Park, Converse, Olmos Park, and Shavano Park.


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